Sunday, May 31, 2009

Today is the Day!!!

There is always a love/hate relationship that I have with traveling. I love getting ready because it’s fun to prepare for the adventure. I also hate getting ready because it often becomes crazy and chaotic right up to leaving. Today is also a packed day with Church and our missionaries from India visiting. It will be good for the Church to visit with them and hear updates concerning the amazing ministry that have there.

Well, I haven’t had a chance to give you some insight into our African meal. We went to a restaurant in West L.A. called Ngoma. Funny thing is that when we walked up to the door, they had a banner out front that reads “Food from Obama’s Father’s House.” So my first thought was, did they ship it? I really did enjoy the food though so here is a blog shout out to Obama’s Dad…Thanks for the great food! Seriously though, I had Sambusa which is a fried pastry type thing with beef in it and it was GOOD. I also had for my main meal Nyama Choma which was roasted goat served with Sadza and collard greens. Sadza is Thomas’ favorite thing. When you look at the picture, its that doughy ball and it tastes like…..well it tastes like nothing. Thomas thought it a travesty that I put salt and pepper on it, but I’m a season kind of guy who likes things that have flavor. I really enjoyed the goat. Steph had a mix up with her meal and ended up with Mafe, which was lamb in a peanut sauce. It reminded me of Thai food. Overall, I hope the food in Zimbabwe was as tasty as Ngoma. I’d recommend trying the goat!

As far as an update on the trip, two days before we leave Thomas received a call to do a Pastor’s conference of about 70-90 pastors. So welcome to missions Thomas. We are excited. I’ll be doing Romans 12 (transformed thinking and living), Colossians 1:9-14 (Lessons from Paul’s prayer), and Galatians 5-6 (Spirit filled living). So please pray for us. I’ll update more as I can. Hopefully I can get on the Net. Ciao till then.

Food From Obama's Daddy's House

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