Friday, July 17, 2009

Marijuana, the Christian and California

Why are drugs wrong or more pointedly, why is the use of illegal drugs(defining illegal drugs as “pot,” “lsd,” “crack”, “cocaine,” etc...) wrong for the Christian? Many Christians I talk with seem to point to the fact that drugs such as Marijuana are wrong for the Christian because it is illegal to use them and because it does damage to the body that is the “holy” Temple.

First and foremost, drug abuse is illegal. It is not just certain narcotics and other drugs that are off the streets that are illegal, but all drug abuse is. Taking certain drugs, even morphine can be legal with the prescription of a doctor. But taking morphine can also be illegal. So legality for a Christian is something that is not just a small thing to consider. We are called to obey, be in submission to and respect authority and even the government. Second, your body is a “temple” and it is important to be a good steward. But what if you live in the Netherlands and can go to a “café” and purchase what would be illegal here but is legal there like Marijuana? What if our society removes the illegal aspect? What would Christians do? What if there was some type of medical research that shows that marijuana and shrooms are good for the body, what would Christians do? What should we do?

Well that time may soon be approaching. There are already studies that show the medicinal purposes of drugs like marijuana, which is why California has selectively legalized it as a pain reliever. However, it soon will be a talking point politically again due to the ability to raise significant funds to balance our insanely out of whack budget in the great state of California. In fact, a recent article I read today quotes California tax officials stating that a state proposal to tax and regulate marijuana like alcohol would generate nearly $1.4 billion in revenue. Do you really think that Crazy Californians will approve tax increases over legalized pot revenue? If the people in this state vote for and pass legistation for bigger crates for the comfort of chickens over issues such as abortion, well.... So if you remove the fact that it is illegal and it is harmful, then is it wrong? Though the bible contains references to “Mary” you won’t find “Mary Jane” or any other references to specific drugs. But I believe there are strong biblical reasons for the Christian to refrain from such drug use which I’ll post later. Let me know what you think.


Kate-y said...

I think I want to move out of the sate of California. Other than that, I think you bring up interesting points. Is it possible to take Marijuana in small amounts as to not be "consumed" by it, as it is possible with alcohol? Would that change anything for the Christian? Honestly, I think that if one's body is far enough gone that only Marijuana will cure the pain, there has got to be bigger issues at hand. Here we go again...putting a band aid on the long term effects of bad decisions.

Anonymous said...

I quit smoking weed originally because of the legality aspect, but after I quit I realized that we are called to be sober as well. If california legalizes it, which would probably prompt Rhode Island and possibly Washington, and then who knows who, the legality aspect would vanish, and it would some down to the sobriety issue. I can drink a glass of wine and still be sober. I may be able to take a hit and still be sober too. I dont know. Its all about what you consider sobriety to be? How do you define sobriety?

It also comes down to what law do we follow, state or federal? Thats a whole nother conversation entirely, but I would need to consider it before i smoked again.

Nevertheless, if it is legalized, I would do lots and lots of prayer and coming to God for an answer, though I do think having the conversation with other believers is beneficial.

Anonymous said...
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Jason Beals said...

Thanks for your comments. I've posted some more on this subject if you are interested