Friday, May 20, 2011

Back to Zim

We made it safely to Zimbabwe. I was thankful to get off of planes. Sitting for that long drives me crazy but I was able to sleep a little. Funny moment on the plane. After two 11 hour flights, we boarded the third flight, a short 2 hour skip from Joburg to Harare. Before we actually got in the air, they handed us Customs forms. As I filled mine out, my pen decided to pour all over my hand, leaking everywhere. The lady next to me handed me a couple of wetwipes...boy am I glad those things were invented. So, I call the flight attendant over and said to him, "My pen just exploded..." And he just looked at me like I was a terrorist or something. Pretty soon, I was in an interogation room....okay, that part is not true. But his face was priceless as he looked at my pen. Then my face must have been something to see as I realized that there are some words you just don't say on a plane....ever! So I quickly backtracked and restated that my pen leaked on me.

On another note, the team is pretty tired. We have a dinner tonight, then we are headed to a Game Park. Maybe I'll see a Rhino!

Sunday, we start the mini conference. I just found out that not only am I teaching at the conference on Sunday, but will be speaking at a church that morning. Glad I packed a few sermons!

I am very thankful for this opportunity and am very thankful for your prayers. My prayer is that we would be a great encouragement to these men. See ya with another update soon


Brandi said...

Praying for you! Thanks for the updates.

Jason Beals said...

Thanks for keeping updated and for the comment. It lets me know who is really reading these =)

Event said...

Hi J! Wow I didn't even know you were in Africa! I like reading your blogs. I wish I could have seen the face of the flight attendant! LOL! Hilarious. I want to hang with you when you get back so I can hear about your trip. Are you taking pictures?

Jason Beals said...

Only have a little camera - point and shoot. Expensive cameras get confiscated due to political crackdowns on the media. So, hopefully they turn out.

Anonymous said...

JD & Lucy Irish

We pray for you, Thomas and family each day. Your sacrifice today may well be the spark of change so needed in that country. Please be careful and return to us with many stories of inspiration. We know you will be effective and that God will provide you with the Holy Spirit as you need it. God be with you, Brother.