Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The "Why" and "What" of Zimbabwe

If you are reading this, then most likely you are interested in keeping up with my trip.....or are bored and saw a link from facebook.

So here is some info:

Our church is getting ready to send out a "home grown" missionary to Zimbabwe. I will be going with him to teach at a conference for pastors. He is looking to train pastors in his home country. I am humbled that I get to go and train 100 pastors who are hungry for God's Word. There will be four trainers all together.

We have a two day flight. 11 hours to Frankfurt. 11 hours to Joburg, South Africa. Then 2 hours to Harare. Long flights and I don't really agree all that much.

We will be doing a mini conference once there on Sunday and Monday. I will be speaking on two topics: "Sin and the Gospel" and "Why Christians still sin."

After that, we will have 5 days of training these pastors in various topics. I will be training for roughly 40 hours in this 5 day span. I will be teaching the book of Matthew.

Then after the training, I'm back on the plane again for a loooooong flight home!

Please pray for:
1. Saftey in Travel - Zimbabwe can be quite dangerous at times.
2. The pastors who will be trained. That they will be built up and edified.
3. The trainers. It is a rough schedule. We will definately need your prayers!
4. The effects of the preaching and teaching, that it would impact Zimbabwe for kingdom!

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