Monday, May 23, 2011

The end of the Mini Conference

There is nothing more exciting to me than to see people hungry for God’s Word. Watching these pastors , their wives and other church leaders be excited about God’s Word and eagerly writing notes has been a highlight. Today we covered topics like Man’s condition, Temptation, Jew and Gentile Salvation and Why Christians still sin. The last topic was mine and I took them through Romans 6-8, looking at the fact that the power of sin has been broken (Romans 6) but the presence of sin is still a battle (Romans 7) and ended with the provision for living a sanctified life found in the Holy Spirit (Romans 8). It si a great reminder to myself even as I preach to others.

Tomorrow starts the more difficult stuff in that we will be teaching about 9 hours each. I’ll be teaching on the Gospel of Matthew. Carl Hargrove will be teaching on the Gospel of John and Hermeneutics, Thomas will be teaching on Genesis and Eric Chou will be teaching on Psalms.

Each session is a 3 hour block of time and we have about 3 sessions each tomorrow. Looking forward to how God will again answer prayers…especially your prayers. Continue to pray with/for us. It definitely makes a difference. It is amazing to see so many of you praying and keeping up. I wanted to go to bed right away, but thought that I should give an update first. It makes it worth it when people read these. Until next time…

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