Saturday, May 21, 2011

A fun day in Africa

Today was a down day before the crazy schedule starts. It was a sort of restful day, even though I am still very tired. I did get a decent night’s sleep. We went to a game park that was a mix between a safari and zoo. The first part, we drove in close to lions who were about 4 feet from us. They were huge and sleeping. It was cool to be that close with the window down.

Next we went to the zoo part which had all sorts of animals. My absolute favorite was playing with a couple of lion cubs that were 6 months old and about 120 pounds or so. I got to hold one. The male tried to bite me and the female swiped at me…no wonder the sign read “enter at your own risk!”

What amazed me was how awesome yet terrifying it was to be so close to a lion. It made me think of the “Lion of Judah!” How amazing it will be when He returns for those of us who know Him and yet how terrifying it will be for others who have rejected.

Tonight we will have a meeting with Harare Theological Seminary to discuss some potential partnerships with Thomas.

Tomorrow we will be splitting up and preaching at a couple of churches in the morning. Then we will get together for lunch. After lunch, our mini conference will start and we will be speaking on several topics. I’ll be speaking on the nature of Sin and Salvation. Please pray for us.

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Brandi said...

I am now singing "The Lion Sleeps Tonight". Sounds amazing!