Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Adventures In Africa....we are in South Africa


I only have a few minutes to update but we arrived in Johannesburg and are waiting to fly to Durban. The trip was uneventful until we started to board in L.A. About 10 minutes before boarding, our flight was cancelled due to a door on the plane that wouldn't shut properly. They had to wait for a part to fix it and it would take 10 hours just for the part to arrive. All of the people were told that they would have to fly out the next day. Well, that was a problem for us since we are getting a connecting flight for a one day meeting in Durban. So, I spent about an hour to almost two hours trying to get us to South Africa and all the flights were booked. God was very good but He always is. We met up with a really helpful Ticket Agent that worked hard to get us on a different airline. So we had to fly to Boston, then London, then get on a different flight to South Africa. We had to recheck everything again and go through Security. When we arrrived in Boston, we had to go to another ticket counter and they didn't have us on the flight. Thankfully we got another great ticket counter person who worked hard to get us on the flight and made sure our bags got there too. Needless to say, it was a good experience to remind us that though we may plan our way, God directs our steps. Thank you for reading this and praying for us. Continue to pray for us, we have a busy schedule tomorrow morning, meeting with a potential ministry partner for Thomas.

I am thankful for my traveling buddies, Thomas and Dany. Both had great attitudes and were flexible. I do wish I had my best traveling companion...my wife, Love and miss you Steph. Right now I am sipping on a Rocky Mount Mocha??? I also had a shwarma for breakfast in the airport. How odd is that?


Steph Beals said...

Glad to know the rest of the flights went well. I like reading your blog! Love you lots & lots!

kynnie said...

Hey J,

That makes for a crazy time w/ all those flights but praise the Lord he worked it all out. Maybe there was something w/ one of the original flights he was trying to have you guys avoid. Who knows but its good too see everyone had great attitudes.