Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Updates and Prayer Requests

Right now, Thomas is at an emergency clinic so please pray for him. Last night, he was coughing and had a fever. Today, we tried to go to Victoria Falls but had to turn back because he got worse. So please pray for him. I'll update his condition as soon as I can.

As far as updates, we visited an Aids Hospital and then an orphanage for mentally handicapped children. Both were sobering. You could sense the fear that the Aids patients were going through. We prayed with a couple of them. At the orphanage, we spent some time playing with the children. Most have been abandoned and abused. One little boy is both physically and mentally handicapped. He was living in a chicken coup when the orphanage found him. His name is "Blessing" and followed us around in his wheelchair.

What often happens is because of the economic conditions, most people cannot even get food for themselves. Often, children are without both parents because they have died of Aids. Those who are mentally handicapped are at the bottom rung and often neglected among the orphans. There is much ministry here that includes social ministries along with equipping the church to do these outreaches. It has been insightful to see Thomas and a very real sense of compassion for these people, especially the mentally handicapped.

Well, I have so much to write but I'll do so later. Again, please be praying for Thomas and for the rest of us too.

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Anonymous said...

Praying for you bro, and especially for T. Lord heal our friend and give the doctor wisdom. May your Name be lifted up among all peoples for Your glory. Amen!