Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sleeping in South Africa

Thanks for all of your prayers. I had a good night's sleep and am now awake at about 5:30 a.m. I am very thankful for the common bond that believers have throughout the world. Yesterday, a former Master's college student picked us up from the airport and a family that doesn't even know us took us in, fed us and we stayed in great rooms. It reminds me of the apostle John's admonitions to be hospitable in 1-3 John. The host family, Wendy and Dunkin are great and we hit it off right away, chatting for a long time. It was a great time of fellowship and I felt like I had known them for years. They are a great example to me. I feel very rested for now, but know that later today I'll be tired. Everyone else is sleeping so it makes for a good time to study. Today we will be meeting with someone who might be partnering with Thomas in the future. He oversees the church planting in Africa and will take us to meet some church planters here in South Africa. Then its back on airplanes to Harare tonight.


Aunt Sue said...

I just heard about the Air France plane that went down in the Atlantic and I had to wonder if your team would have been on that flight. I am praising God that you are 'sleeping in South Africa'and finding such warm fellowship.

Jason said...

We're all safely in Zimbabwe. However, I have some issues if ya know what I mean. I am really out of my comfort zone here, more than any other place.

I am trying to email but its hard for it to connect. I'll try and call you soon. Love ya