Friday, June 5, 2009

A Brand New Day

Well, thanks for your prayers. It is definately being seen. Getting on the net can be a bit challenging. Sometimes pages will load, other times after I have written an email or blog, it doesn't go through. So I will try and post this, not knowing if it goes through. I didn't even know that last post went through until right now.

So, I am feeling much better. I had a great nights sleep and have not had any issues at all today. I have a last minute "youth group" preaching event tonight and I'll be preaching on Romans 12 challenging the youth to be completely committed and continually changed.

So my funny story will also be a transparent story. One of the encouragments that I got from Dr. Halstead's updates in India was how he was struggling and what he was learning about himself and God. The same is true for me here. Zimbabwe is worse than I thought it would be. It really is devastated here. Sometimes I felt like I was in the movie Black Hawk down without the guns. However, although the country is in such terrible conditions, the people are sweet and generous. I enjoy them very much.

So, when we arrived in Zimbabwe it was late at night, we were tired and for Zimbabweans, it takes a really long time to do anything. Much different for us "go...go...go" Westerners. So it took forever just to leave the airport. We dropped Dany off at a wonderful older couples house. Then on the way to my place, we got lost, were in the "high density" areas which is what we would call a combination of Ghetto and Slum. On the way there, Thomas states that he thought it would be neat for me to stay here. In my mind I thought, "neat for who?" Then, he and the other people in the car mention that the place I will stay at got robbed last night. So I asked, what does that mean, robbed when they were home or away. The answer...while they slept?!?! Then, my stomach starts churning from something I ate in South Africa. I thought I was going to have an accident. By the time we arrive at my place, which they decided to change since the other place got robbed, I was in serious pain. As we approach this very torn down place, they also said the electricy had been shut off and didn't know when it would be turned on. I mentioned to Thomas that I had to use the restroom and it was an emergency. So I get into the bathroom, with no lights and the toilet doesn't work unless you pour water into the tank. So I get them to show me, finally use it and try to flush. So, with a red face I go out and ask for help. I finally am shown to my room, no light, bad stomach issues, fearful of getting robbed and now think. I start to wonder if I caught Cholera already and what would I do if I had it. Needless to say, it was a struggle but God reminded me of His control and that even though this was an extremely uncomfortable situation, I was in His plan. It also gave me time to think about how comfortable I am. Even when I have gone to places were they have serious issues, I've always stayed in decent places. Yet how fortunate we are to have so much, even a working toilet and light. The people I stayed with the first night were so kind, made sure I was okay, cooked me breakfast and will be at the pastor's conference on Saturday which is 5 hours away from them. THey have nothing yet the husband took off work and they were so kind.

So, that is my story of a difficult night. No sleep but plenty of time to think, pray, confess and praise the Lord. Why does it take things like that to be thankful?

I hope that was an encouragement. I am thankful for all of your prayers. I called Steph last night and she was such an encouragement to me. I am blessed to have such a wife. I am blessed to have great friends who will read this and pray. I am blessed to be here among people who have so little but give so much. There is much to do here, much ministry to plan out and I am thankful our church will partner here.


GreenEggsandSam said...

thanx for the posts!
Much grace/peace/insight as you serve the peeps of Z.
and, GREAT retell of last your adventure: both physical and spiritual!
press on!

kynnie said...

Hi J,

I just read this. First I wanted to say thank you for being transparent and real. It is humbling to think of all that goes on in other countries and to think how much God has blessed us here in the states. It does seem like a challenging trip but I am excited to see all that God is showing and teaching you. I am also excited to talk to you when you get back about your experience. You are missed and yes...Steph is great!