Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thanks for Praying

Thomas is doing better. He had a fever, the chills, was dizzy and weak. The hospital checked for malaria and it came back negative. They think it was a virus and he is sleeping today. Thank you for praying. Continue to pray for him and for us.

Without him, we're kind of in a holding pattern. We went to a flea market and mall today. You can tell the economy has really impacted people here. Many shops were closed and Mrs Hodzi told me it use to be very busy here. The traffic lights don't even work in many places because there is no money to change the lights. They are using US currency but they don't print it and its hard for them to make change here. No banks and no ATM's. I actually found a 50 billion Zimbabwe dollar on the ground. It's worthless. The average income per month here is 100 US dollars a month.

Many are suffering but they are such a happy and friendly people too. If you know Thomas than you know Zimbabweans. Kind, sacrificial and very sweet. Even in the flea market where I was enjoying bartering, they were friendly and I never felt pushed (which is different for flea markets).

Well, its two more days here and I leave to come home. I am homesick but mostly I miss my wife. It will be a great Sunday! I'll try and update before I head out but I'll have much to say when I am home and able to post pictures.

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Matt Round said...

Good to hear that Thomas is feeling better. We are praying for your safe return. Thanks for representing the church so well. Brandi and I are headed to the hospital. We should meet our son tonight! I'm looking forward to seeing you my friend.